Research Projects

Shock/Turbulent-Boundary Layer Interactions over flexible panels

Flow-structure Interaction high-fidelity simulations, coupling fluid flow, solid mechanics, and mesh deformation solvers.

Shock-induced mixing and combustion

Direct Numerical Simulation of passive and reactive scalar mixing under canonical shock-turbulence interactions.

Geometry of turbulence

Time evolution and tracking of the dynamics of flow structures. (Army Research Office)

Scramjet engines

Full-scale wall-modeled large-eddy simulation of supersonic combustion engines with combustion models.

Grid-adaptation, solution-verification, and uncertainty quantification in chaotic, turbulent flows

Development of a mathematical foundation for VVUQ of models exhibiting chaotic dynamics. In collaboration with the University of Maryland and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Predictive Science Academic Alliance Program (Department of Energy)

Aerofusion-MLUQ: Mars Lander Aerodynamic Data Fusion using Machine Learning embedded with Uncertainty Quantification

Multi-fidelity simulation and UQ of Mars Lander Aerodynamics. In collaboration with NASA Langley Research Center, North Carolina State University, and University of Florida

High-Performance Computing

Development of scalable flow solvers for massively parallel simulation.

Dispersion of droplets-aerosols

Large-eddy simulation of multiphase flows.